Our customers love our services!


No More Worry

"As a busy mother of three kids and two dogs, Pet Stop has been a lifesaver for me. Now I can let my energetic Goldendoodles outside without worry."

- Barbara Harrington


Top Professionalism

"I am so impressed with your level of professionalism and caring for not only our pets, but the family in general!"

- Cyndi Newell


Better Than Major Brand

"John replaced a major brand's system with Pet Stop and trained my dogs. My dogs have never left my property again! Training and service are excellent."

- Edie Bailey

East Amherst  

Wanderer No More

"Our wandering puppy was a constant concern, until we installed the Pet Stop fence. John and Jeff trained our dog and we now have a 100% happier dog and relieved household. Thank you!"

- Robin & Kim Cox


Patience Paid Off

"John was very sensitive with my dogs. He took his time and helped me to work with them. I am very satisfied with their service."

- Pat Draudt



"The fence is working wonderfully. The dogs love their freedom and I love the freedom from worry. John, thank you for your system, time and compassion."

- Marilyn Bauerlein 

Money Back Guarantee

"Excellent – Money back guarantee sold us – a great solution for us. You can use us as a reference. Thank you! "

- JoAnne & Bob Paxon


Such a Pleasure

"I enjoyed working with John. He was very informative and knowledgeable in the training of our dogs."

- Bill & Kathy Hughes

East Amherst

so Thorough

"Excellent job – very professionally done. Training was very thorough, conscientious and successful!"

- Chris & Marty Snyder


Doing its job

"Excellent people to work with, and the fence is doing what it should."

- Tim & Theresa O'Neal


Happy Dog

"Very pleased! Our dog, Fargo, loves being able to run in the yard."

- Nancy & John Wilson

Orchard Park

Contains a lively dog

"Thank you for all the help in getting the system to work with my very lively dog. It’s been working great! "

- Pat Boyd