Pet Stop of Western New York takes pride in providing great customer service and our dedicated team of professionals is here to serve you all year long.

Our team lives and works locally and goes the extra mile to support our local customers.

John Griffin Jr.


Owner/Operator - 27 Years Experience - Top Dog

John is our area’s seasoned veteran in all aspects of the pet containment field. His vast experience and wealth of knowledge in design, installation, service, and effective containment training surpasses anyone in the industry. His attention to detail helps you to rest assured that your home and “best friend” are in the most capable hands possible.

John has presented to and instructed his peers at numerous National Dealer Meetings around the country, has received numerous industry awards including “Top Dog”, and is one of the top ten dealers nationwide. John “the Beagle Man” and Beagle partner, Trooper, will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the pet containment industry.

Jeff Owens


Service Technician  - Pet Containment Trainer  - Sales Consultant - 17 Years Experience

Jeff and his Aussie, Jack, are ready to install, provide service, and train your pet professionally and efficiently. They are experienced, thorough and make the training for your dog fun and positive!

Jeff is very experienced in service and installation, helping you to formulate the best containment design for your home, yard and pet. Jack (the Aussie) will often ride along for installs and service and is happy to meet and greet everyone.

Linda Connelly


Office Manager - Pet Containment Trainer - 13 Years Experience

Linda has never lived without a canine companion. She has rescued two German Shepherd Dogs and gained much knowledge in acclimating them to positive social behavior and teaching them to trust humans. Her vast experience in K-9 grooming affords her the ability to read dog behavior and tolerances. Linda has a love for all breeds and her compassion and enthusiasm for dogs is evident in her training.

Sarah Connelly


Sales Consultant - 7 Years Experience

Sarah learned about training and animal behavior from her mom, Linda. As a child, Sarah would set up “do-it-yourself” agility courses in her backyard for her German Shepherds. She also grew up riding horses and learned a lot about animal behavior by training horses for a therapeutic riding center in Ohio.

Involvement in the family business of pet containment was hard to avoid. Sarah started in high school by helping her mom train during the summers; and she’s been here ever since! When she and her Lab-mix, Remington, aren’t in the office, you can find them lounging in bed, sharing a snack, or on a walk!



Pet Containment Trainer - 6 Years Experience

Noreen has an extensive background with dogs and horses. She has fostered many puppies (sometimes up to twelve at a time!) and trained them for their future homes. She is also an avid horse-lover and spends her time training horses and teaching riding to students.

For the past three years, she has applied her knowledge to Pet Stop containment training. Thanks to Noreen, her Portuguese Water Dog, Watson, is an excellent team member and knows exactly how to help her train other dogs on the Pet Stop system!

Tyler George


Pet Containment Trainer  - Sales Consultant

 - 5 Years Experience

Tyler is a most valuable consultant to our team. His love for pets and experience raising many create a great combination to help you and your pet find the ideal Pet Stop system for your unique situation. Tyler and his chocolate lab, Maggie-Mae, stay busy with spreading the word about Pet Stop.

We Live and Work Locally


Pet Stop History

For years, Pet Stop was just another brand of electronic dog fence. When the most accomplished executive in the industry joined Pet Stop, followed shortly thereafter by the most experienced engineer in the industry who holds more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers combined, the business began to grow into one of the leading national brands in pet containment.

The UltraElite Receiver™ was born in 2001 - the industry’s lightest, most customizable receiver.

Manufacturing facilities were established in the USA and staffed by industry pros.

Our strong dealer base has undergone the finest training in the industry and provided with only the best materials and support.

These combined efforts have made Pet Stop the fastest growing professionally installed pet fencing brand.