Your Pet Deserves the Best. That's ALL We Offer.

Best Pet Containment System

Hands down, dog and cat owners who compare electronic pet containment systems quickly discover that Pet Stop is superior to the rest.

A bold statement, yes, but we back it up. Our system is fully guaranteed to work gently but effectively for any pet – any breed of dog or cat – outside or even inside your home. Our system is even very effective with pot belly pigs, goats, sheep and other small farm animals. 


How We Keep Your Pets Safe

Pet Stop of Western New York is the only pet containment company to offer:

  • Our system uses Digital Modulation (DM) Technology, which is the same technology used in commercial aircraft radios to avoid signal interference
  • Receivers can be individually programmed 1,000 different ways to gently manage your pet based on size and temperament
  • Waterproof receiver collars
  • Only our receivers are timed to have an audio warning before correction starts which can be adjusted to be longer (for elderly dogs) or shorter (for bold dogs)
  • Our system is so user friendly, you can change the setting on your receiver collar or transmitter without leaving your home! Just give us a call and we can talk you through the minute-long process. But, as always, you can bring your receiver collar into our office for a checkup of for us to adjust the setting for you.
  • Long lasting battery – nearly 60% more battery life than leading competitors
  • We keep track of your battery life, so if you’re going through more than two batteries in one year (per pet), we’ll adjust the setting or warranty your receiver collar!*
  • Smart Zone® and Fail Safe Zone systems, more information below
  • Wire Break Indicator Alarm notifies you if your wire is compromised
  • Built-in power surge protection
  • StabiliTemp technology which allows the system to withstand temperature extremes that often exist in garages and basements
  • Unmatched Money Back Guarantee**
  • Personalized training experience with our professional pet trainers
  • The industry’s most premium warranty available, Ultra Care, provides protection against manufacturing defects and accidental damage
  • Family owned and operated so we’re there when you need us
  • Decades of knowledge in pet containment fencing

* Applies only to Pet Stop receivers paired with a Pet Stop transmitter, other combinations of brands may result in a decreased battery life.

** Refer to the back of your Pet Stop contract or call our office at (716) 662-2700 for more information. 


Receiver Collars

PCC-200 Pro Receiver


  • 2-Year warranty
  • Our standard battery operated model, weighing only 1.3 ounces
  • Capable of 1,000 different programming combinations to ensure containment
  • Compatible with other fencing systems


UltraTuff Receiver

  • Ultra Care warranty
  • The battery operated UltraTuff features the industry’s toughest, most durable case
  • Twice the wall thickness of other fencing system receivers
  • Superior chew resistance and protection from water and dirt
  • Recommended for multiple pet homes
  • Capable of 1,000 different programming combinations to ensure containment
  • Compatible with other fencing systems


UltraMax Receiver


  • Ultra Care warranty
  • Larger size and battery operated, designed with higher correction levels for more determined dogs
  • Compatible with other fencing systems


Vibrating UltraMax Receiver, for deaf dogs

  • Training levels are used for dogs who don't need the stubborn dog levels
  • Longer audio warning capabilities to allow for elderly dogs to get back into the Safe Zone before the correction starts
  • Compatible with other fencing systems


EcoLite Rechargeable Receiver

  • Ultra Care warranty
  • Rechargeable
  • The industry's smallest and most programmable professional pet containment receiver collar
  • Includes a built-in, LED light which can be activated in low-light or at night to track your pet’s location
  • Used with a Diagnostic Charging Cradle which lets you know your receiver collar is functioning properly
  • Standard 1,000 programming combinations (including ultra low training levels), as well as stopper modes and higher correction levels for more determined dogs
  • Compatible with other fencing systems


Transmitters & Extras

Roomwizard™ IT-200 Transmitter

  • Specify locations in your home that are accessible to your pet and those that are not
  • Keep your pet out of a particular room or dangerous area
  • Indoor transmitter is compatible with existing receiver/collar and most other dog fence systems - Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard® and Dog Watch®
  • Can be set in any room as a free standing unit or professionally installed for a more specific design


PCC-200 Pro Transmitter

  • Outdoor temperature will not affect the signal field
  • Easy-to-read digital display that works 24/7
  • Wire Break Indicator Alarm notifies you if your wire is compromised
  • Built in power surge protection
  • Available with battery backup assistant for additional cost
  • Option of Ultra Care or 2-Year warranty


Power Wizard Outage Protection

  • Connects a battery to your transmitter and provides power to keep your system functioning in a power outage
  • Lasts hours, up to days


System Layouts

Our Smart Zone® system, with an audible alert then correction format, can be programmed for a variety of settings including the warning time and how the correction is initiated. For a dog that is insistent on escaping, Pet Stop’s exclusive Fail Safe Zone instantly activates a correction ensuring your pet – no matter what breed or temperament – stays safe in the yard.

Expect a great experience with us. On the day of installation, our trainers arrive with their own trained pets to gently and effectively teach your pet about their new environment. Our customers are always amazed at how positive, helpful and compassionate our canine trainers are.

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of our products and share the same compassion for your pet as you do. 


Additional Circuitry Configurations

Many layout options are available. The following are some of our more popular layouts and each allows your pet specific areas to roam depending on your needs.

Natural Perimeter: Get the most for your money with this layout option. The Natural Perimeter layout allows your pet the most room to run by following your property's natural boundary. However, be aware your pet can be in the front, side, or back yard at any time they choose.

Shown here with optional garden loop installed.


Hour Glass Design: This layout is one of our most popular because you control where your pet goes. If you like the peace of mind of knowing your pet is in the back yard when you let them out the back door, but also like to have them out in the front with you, then this layout is for you. We cut off access to the sides of the home by using the house as a barrier, creating two distinct zones to choose from. 


Back Yard Only: Similar to the banana loop, this layout allows your pet the freedom to roam in the back yard only. However, unlike the banana loop, this layout does involve front yard wire installation for pet protection all around the home. 


Banana Loop: The banana loop is an appropriate option when confinement to either the front or back yard is requested. 


Banana Loop with Fence: This layout utilizes your property's existing above ground fence with our underground wire loops closing any gaps. 



Ultra Care Warranty

  • The industry's most premium warranty available
  • Protects against manufacturing defects and accidental damage, such as cracks and dog chews
  • Pay a small deductible for a brand new replacement and you never have to pay full price again
  • Includes 1-year guarantee; which means you'll get a free replacement if your component cracks, breaks or malfunctions within the first year

2-Year Warranty

  • Includes 1-year guarantee
  • Pay a small deductible for a brand new replacement within the second year
  • Full cost replacement after two years

Warranty Details

All prices and replacement fees are subject to change.

Some circumstances may require a larger deductible such as; the use of an unauthorized battery, multiple dog chews and avoidable damage, while the receiver is still under warranty.

Warranty does not cover LOST receivers.