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As a busy mother of three kids and two dogs, Pet Stop has been a lifesaver for me. Now I can let my energetic Goldendoodles outside without the worry of them being distracted by the wildlife around my home or other neighbors. They can run around freely and play in our yard – safe and contained. Additionally, when dogs can run around freely in the yard, it drains their energy – both physically and mentally. And draining energy is one of the best things to do in terms of training a dog. Now if only there was a system to do this for my 11-year old twin boys.

  • Barbara Harrington


I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU!!!! I am sooooooo happy with the work you did yesterday! I am so impressed with your level of professionalism and caring for not only our pets, but the family in general! Our mutt (btw, with John's help we now believe, may be part Blue Merle Catahoula Leopard Dog) Lucy, is now staying out of our gardens and is safely and happily running through the yard. Thank you for spending the time it took to re-train her and for bringing Trooper out to play. My 5 year old son is still asking when Trooper can come back! You and your whole team have been nothing short of amazing! Thank You!

  • Cyndi Newell


I made the big mistake of installing the original major brand of hidden dog fence and it did not contain my German Shorthaired Pointers. After losing my dogs many times and I could not get help I contacted John Griffin. He replaced my system with Pet Stop and trained my dogs. My dogs have never left my property again. Training and service are excellent. My dogs are safe and they love John. Thank you!!!

  • Edie Bailey

    East Amherst

Our adventurous, wandering puppy was a constant concern and source of worry. That is, until we installed the Pet Stop fence. John and Jeff trained our dog and since that moment, we have a 100% happier dog and relieved household. Thank you!

  • Robin & Kim Cox


John was very sensitive with my dogs. He took his time and helped me to work with them. I am very satisfied with their service.

  • Pat Draudt


I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are! It’s wonderful to have the peace of mind when we let Bella out. We will certainly recommend you should anyone be looking for fencing systems.

  • Kim Ferrucci


The fence is working wonderfully. The dogs love their freedom and I love the freedom from worry. John, thank you for your system, time and compassion.

  • Marilyn Bauerlein

Excellent – Money back guarantee sold us – a great solution for us. You can use us as a reference. Thank you!

  • JoAnne & Bob Paxon


Everyone was so pleasant to work with. We love the System! Thank you for all your help. Max says “Thank you” too!

  • Lynn Rohrbacher


Thank you for all the help in getting the system to work with my very lively dog. It’s been working great!

  • Pat Boyd

I enjoyed working with John. He was very informative and knowledgeable in the training of our dogs.

  • Bill & Kathy Hughes

    East Amherst

Excellent job – very professionally done. Training was very thorough, conscientious and successful!

  • Chris & Marty Snyder


I was extremely pleased with all aspects of work performed. Thanks very much for your service.

  • John Benjamin

    East Amherst

John Griffin did a great job working with our dog.

  • Jennifer & Scott Benning


Excellent people to work with, and the fence is doing what it should.

  • Tim & Theresa O'Neal


Very pleased! Fargo loves being able to run in the yard.

  • Nancy & John Wilson

    Orchard Park

Please refer to any of our references or ask your vet, obedience instructor, or breeder about the Pet Stop System!